El Rati Horror Show is a documentary that tells the story of Fernando Ariel Carrera: the case of an ordinary man who was unjustly imprisoned for thirty years – not by mistake, but deliberately – due to tampering of his legal file.

The film takes as a central idea the way in which Fernando Carrera’s legal file was forged: evidence tampering and manipulation at the crime scene, testimony manipulation on behalf of police forces, national media coverage manipulation by Rubén Maugeri, key witness and president of the 34th Police Station Friendship Asociation.



The plain simple need of helping someone who was unlawfully deprived from his freedom.


Fernando Carrera, the protagonist, was declared innocent in 2016, after many struggles, comings and goings.


  • Director/Producer: Enrique Piñeyro
  • Co-Director: Pablo Tesoriere
  • Original Idea and Media Production: Pablo Galfré
  • Script: Enrique Piñeyro
  • Executive Production: Silvina Dell’Occhio
  • Photography: Sol Lopatín
  • Art Direction: Lorena Maggi
  • Montage: Germán Cantore
  • Direct Sound: Catriel Vildosola
  • Sound Post-production: Diego Martínez Rivero
  • Image Post-production/ Special Effects: Santiago Svirsky
  • Assistant Director: Mariano Biasín
  • Second Assistant Director: Pablo Ottonello
  • Production Director: Juan Pablo Miller
  • Production Crew: Leonardo Polesel, Matías Carlesi, Luciana Demadonna
  • Segunda Unidad
  • Photography: Guido Lublinsky
  • Direct Sound: Guido Beremblum
  • Direct Additional Sound: Pablo Ottonello


  • DerHumALC International Festival, Buenos Aires. Retrospective. Enrique Piñeyro (2011)
  • Black Movie Film Festival (2011)
  • Rencontres du Cinéma Latino-Américain (2011)
  • El Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano De La Habana International Festival (2010)
  • Buenos Aires Independient Cinema International Festival (2010)
  • Latinbeat Film Festival (2010)
  • Lima Festival (2010)
  • Guanajuato Festival (2010)
  • Flandees Festival (2010)


  • Special Mention on Human Rights | Buenos Aires International Independent Cinema Festival (2010).
  • Declared as Social and Cultutal Interest of the Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.
  • Cóndor Award – Best Documentary – Nomenee (2011).