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In Anchoíta Films we focus our resources in the development, production and post-production of feature films and documentaries, in the provision of production services as well as in the production of theatre plays.

We are a film and theatre production company that offers production services with international standards.

With an audiovisual DNA, Achoíta Films grew over the years and became a full-service content production company.

Under the leadership of Enrique Piñeiro, quality has always been a way of life.


Enrique Piñeiro is a cinema and theatre actor, director and producer, airline captain, air incident investigator, doctor and cook. He directed Whisky Romeo Zulu (2004), Fuerza Aérea Sociedad Anónima (2006), By Bye Life (2008) and El Rati Horror Show (2010), a movie which was submitted as evidence in the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina in the Fernando Carrera’s case, who was finally acquitted.

His documentaries have helped to raise awareness and produce changes in the Argentinian public, judicial and political spheres. In 2014, he founded Innocence Project Argentina, subsidiary of an American organisation dedicated to defending innocent people wrongly convicted. Flying is Human, Landing is Divine was also premiered in the theatre that same year. His successful one-man show has filled the prestigious Maipo and Coliseo theatres in Buenos Aires for 11 years in a row, as well as the best theatres in the main provinces of Argentina. In Spain, he has been in Teatros del Canal in Madrid, and theatres in Bilbao, Vigo, Avilés, Logroño, Murcia, Barcelona and A Coruña. In Italy, he has been in Teatro Lírico, a theatre in the city of Milan.


Besides generating productions that have a positive impact in society, thanks to our Director, Enrique Piñeyro, Anchoíta Films collaborates and participates with social and/or solidarity projects in many different ways.

After the premiere of the movie El Rati Horror Show, and the subsequent release of Fernando Carrera by the Supreme Court, Aquafilms began to receive uncountable calls and help requests from people with similar court cases. This motivated Enrique Piñeiro to create Innocence Project Argentina, a foundation that counts with a specialised team in justice and security. Visit website.